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6 training courses created with 宝博电竞视频结果网址 (built by Learning Evolution)

Learning Evolution is a successful 宝博电竞视频结果网址 partner based in the United States. Here are six training courses they have built with 宝博电竞视频结果网址’s authoring platform. Titleist’s Vokey Design SM6 Education Course This is a great example of using 宝博电竞视频结果网址 to create product training for new product launches. This course provides amazing ROI for the company by leveraging expensive marketing […]

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How to set up a successful elearning production process (5-step guide)

Are you looking for new ways to improve and streamline your elearning processes? In this article, we look at some best practices for approaching each of the five phases in the elearning production process: Analysis, design, specification, production, and evaluation. Let’s break down the five phases in the elearning production process: analysis, design, specification, production, […]

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Are you testing? Here are 3 ways to test and improve online training

In today’s competitive online training landscape, it’s essential that you listen to learners and consistently find ways to test online training and improve learning experiences. Let’s look at three areas in which you can focus your efforts: Quality assurance testing, acceptance testing, and engagement analytics. Learn how to use quality assurance testing, acceptance testing, and engagement […]

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6 elearning trends to watch in 2016

It’s that time when we should draw breath and think about what will be significant in elearning in the coming year. In this article, Steve Penfold pulls out his crystal ball and predicts some trends to watch in 2016. Rarely will a technology, product, or technique emerge from nowhere and become a game-changer overnight. These […]

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5 innovative online training providers (and why we like them)

Online training providers are changing the traditional ways we consume training. In this article, I’ll look at five market leaders and break down what I like about each of them. 1. Why we like Granular course design: each course consists of around 40 videos, grouped into ‘chapters’ with bite-sized segments of around 8 minutes. And […]

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Elearning inspiration: Curtin University, Delphi, Keith Freeman

Let’s look at four inspiring examples of elearning. Don’t miss the chance of learning a thing or two from these organizations.   Curtin University: The Virtual Home Visit Why we like it: Good example of a VR program for learning and development available as a fully interactive demo. VR mask ready e.g. Oculus. Works on any smartphone, tablet […]

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Specification: How to approach the 3rd phase in the elearning production process

Do you need to streamline and scale your elearning production? The specification phase is an important step that helps you focus on creating learning experiences that are tailored to your specific learner. In this article we’ll look at how consistency, functionality and team identification can help you in the specification phase. The specification phase defines what […]

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Elearning inspiration: Tania Vercoelen, Marshall E-Learning, Responsive elearning built with 宝博电竞视频结果网址

Elearning Superstars is a curated list of inspirational elearning examples, published every Tuesday. Subscribe to get weekly updates via email. Tania Vercoelen: How to create amazing elearning courses Why we like it: Nice tongue-in-cheek overview of the elearning process. Earn coffees at each stage and see your stash of coffee grow as you progress through the […]

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Elearning inspiration: BLP’s Knowledge Guru; OPITO; Utility Warehouse

Elearning Superstars is a curated list of inspiring elearning examples, published every Tuesday. Subscribe to get weekly updates via email. Bottom-Line Performance: Knowledge Guru is an award-winning game-based learning platform that uses learning science Why we like it: Good example of game engine that can be branded and adapted easily. Utilizes workplace scenarios into all the […]

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